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Doodled up some animal characters. I never like... draw animal characters or draw like ever. But here are some attempts. Loopy horns are very hard to draw. I'm leaning on the wombat and the sleepy alpaca.

It was a pain having to animate the rhino walking in tbh so most of these characters just might be on the side lines. I wanted to have a ghost appear at night and do some tricky things. I realized though that in this universe the ghost would likely be an animal, Cowberry suggested I make it a goat, a goast, if you will.

Quick animation tip if you want a ghostly tail just line up some artsy waves and have them move towards a single point, then draw over it. 

It's not perfect, but I need to get it over with.

I've mostly been doing all the cutscenes in code, but now I just want to use the animation player to do almost everything.

Since the ghost is supernatural I don't have to worry about pesky train physics and assume they're always moving with the train (that means I can cheaply have them placed at the beginning of the game instead of spawning them in). The idea is at night you see a coin float in as the doors open, then after following it you realize it's a ghost carrying it as it appears. I have no idea where the player will be in the train, so it make sense to have the coin travel across it. Might even be surprising.

Then the ghost flies in lower occasionally to let you pick up the coin, but if you're not quick enough then too bad! Idk the coin collecting has become the entire game as this point but I don't really have anything in mind for if you 100% it. It's just something to do as you hang out on the train, but I hope this sort of stuff doesn't make the player too busy (or angry).