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You're lucky then, I've been trying to play a single game peacefully without having to quit the lobby because some idiot decides to hack every single lobby I'm in, that's usually the top filled ones.  I no longer can enjoy a single game of among us without catching someone hacking its ridiculous! I'm going to start recording every single game just to show you guys how ridiculous this is getting. I don't want Bug fixes i just need an effective anti-cheat. The only way and i mean only is if you have 9 friends and play in personal lobbies with pw. If not you just don't stand a chance at playing this game. 

I've caught hacks like:

-Super speed.

-Vote Skipping, making even the host powerless to kick or ban players, there's no console mid game to do it. 

-Changing colors mid meeting.

-Changing names mid meeting.

-Killing mid meeting.

-Auto voting.

- Locking doors permanently.

-Activating 2-3 sabotages at the same time, and being unable to do them, 

-Having the whole map for view like zooming out (this one someone in a lobby was trying it out and told us for some reason).

-Changing the settings mid round like increasing players speed, voting time killing cd vision range etc.

-No cd on kill or sabotages.

-Instantly winning the round.

-People talking for you in chat like they having your color and name and chatting for you. 

-Chat spamming huge Twich links or just plain virus links, dunno why they do it but you can't even click on those

-(I was only able to catch this one once,) Entering a ongoing round with others as impostors. (i was in a single imposter lobby got impostor for that round and 2 people joined the game and were imposters as well so i could see them).

-Making the discussion session infinite so we can't vote.

-Teleporting to players, killing them till the rounds over and they win.

- If they are crewmates completing tasks instantly, i saw this a couple of times because you notice right away when the bar just goes full 1 bar at the start of a round.

-15/10/2020, 23:35,Just caught this one in mira (the hackers controlling your character) full-on, controlling it, walking, killing doing tasks, sabotages etc. 

These were just a few and I bet there's more, they are getting intricate like entering as 3 in a lobby, start hacking mid round and spamming emergency, skip vote, emergency skip vote non stop. 

I've stopped playing among us solo in online lobbies and hopefully inner sloth will fix these but they are taking their sweet time to the point its killing the game for me. Be aware that its almost impossible to have 9 friend ready to go, and when I'm with a friend or 3 just talking in the chat to not be shitbags on random lobbies we keep getting idiots hacking. 

Its almost impossible to have a good full on "couple of rounds and everything is ok" without me and my friends having to quit the lobbies to find some other due to people hacking. 

Sorry for the long rant but if you guys don't hurry with the anti cheat ill stop playing this game for good, and its a shame because the game is actual fun to play. But in its current state its hard to enjoy it with a vote screen every 5 seconds and then a victory/defeat screen in less than 30 seconds of a game.