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hey I recently got this game on my Iphone but I can't seem to progress to 2nd year. Is it a bug?

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Hello! Thank you for your support and checking out our game :)

The year 2 button was intentional upon the game launch back in April 2020. Since the game is a monthly serialization - similar to shoujo manga format - we didn't have a clear timeline of when the storyline would end so we had a placeholder for the 2nd year for potential future content.

At this time, you should be able to see Chapter 0 through Chapter 8 on your iphone, accessible via Year 1. In the next update (sometime this week), Chapter 9 will be released and we will actually be removing the 2nd year placeholder as Ch 9 will have romantic routes locked down.

Hope that helps :)



oh i'm so sorry I didn't notice. Keep up the good work you guys . You guys rock.

Ahh! Don't be sorry! It's an excellent question and we really appreciate your interest and support 💖