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Added a simple item pick up system. First time using Godot's award winning coveted GUI system and it's pretty simple just feels a little a different to what I'm used to in gamemaker.

Honestly the longest part was making 8 direction (5 unique graphics technically) for picking up which I regret making 8 directions. Took a motivation push to get through.

Next up I want NPC passengers that occasionally come on and ask for items to give, like a newspaper. There's no dialogue in the game so I'm going to make it pretty simple.

Biggest problem is actually figuring out where the passengers end up when the train stops, I have no idea the actual distance from where the train is when it starts to stop vs where it stops dead zero. The only reason I have it working in the beginning is because the train is animated and not programmed to move. But I thought about it for 2 seconds and realized it's pretty easy:

-Place the object where I want it to end up when the train stops.
-Have the object move at the train speed in REVERSE,
-By the time the train stops just print out the distance traveled.
-Un-reverse the train speed and have the object start with the distance on frame 0 added in the actual game.

Also learned how pathing works in Godot, I like it a little more than GameMaker coding wise since I just add to a follow variable. Adding points in perspective is hell and the controls are a little wonky and not self explanatory.

Doors are having a change, they're all going to open when the train stops but you can't move outside of it. Kind of a meh concession but things sorta changed when I thought about letting NPCs on but wanting you to stay. Anyway some more problems to solve and what will the NPCs look like? Stay tuned.