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Day 9: Game Jams to put your skills to the test

There are dozens of Game Jams being organized monthly, with their scope varying from one to another; this year I had the chance to enter to GMTK’s Game Jam 2020, where I developed a small game called Gravity Spark. As I was in the middle of Redd’s Runaway development, the setup of this Jam was perfect for me: it would only take 48 hours and by the end of it, I could get some feedback to consider if I’d like to continue expanding this game in the future. I was supposed to enter this jam with a few close friends, but in the end only I could join, so if you can, take this as a chance to enter with some of your friends, work by yourself or cooperate with new people to create a small game.

Not only that: I also applied some of the knowledge I’ve learned through the past months from channels like Extra Credits (mentioned a few posts ago) to make a project more efficiently, and was able to upload for the first time a game to the and the Play Store platforms. This was especially helpful, as for Redd’s Runaway release, I could get an idea of the requirements or Steam would ask to upload the game and get the most exposure possible.

I collected a few interesting links for that event, so here they are, hope you can find something helpful for you and your development!

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