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Anyone got this working on Ubuntu 20.04? Have downloaded, unzipped and set permissions, but the executable does nothing at all, don't even get an error message. I have openssl1.1.1 installed. There are several packages available that come up from apt search for libcrpyto and I've no idea if any of them would help...

Edit: works nicely with wine but my xbox 360 controller loses connection repeatedly after seemingly random amounts of time, usually between a few and about 30 seconds.

Had a reasonable bit of play with mouse and keyboard, love the game, love the concept, but the mechanic of losing diamonds makes the upgrade options inaccessible as it seems to be impossible to keep hold of diamonds for long enough to use them - as soon as I got even remotely stuck on an area they just vanish. Felt like I should've been able to get at least a couple of upgrades with the amount of diamonds I collected, wasn't able to get any.