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So I've been sick as of recent (not covid) and took a break. I don't have anything to show but I can share the anime train gifs I used as reference. just like this thread it's very gif/webm heavy

 Though really it's not so much reference as just to see what animators typically focused on when presenting very common means of travel. For most animation it's merely a backdrop, but in higher budgeted affairs you can tell the use of light and how certain angles are presented make it seem like they're trying to say something. Something about a moving landscape super imposed over a character is a great way to convey a mood. Though my favorite is the light silhouettes of the train windows cascading against the street something about it I can imagine it in a moment of time. How the pedestrians and cars stop and have to wait for the train to go by and this very specific lighting scenario happens. It definitely speaks to observing life and its specific moments.

9 days left, and I starting to feel much better. So it's actually time to wrap this up.