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The Wind Began To Howl is a two-player, tabletop version of Bob Dylan's song "All Along The Watchtower."

It's 22 pages, with a gorgeous cover, lush layout, and great art.

Gameplay is optionally GMless, and players are supposed to tell their own stories, stepping in and out of the GM role, and work towards a shared narrative.

That said, Wind also runs on the Blades In The Dark engine, so there's a bit of crunch to it. You've got clocks, stats, dice pools, a meta currency, etc.

You don't use any of them until you're at the finale, though, at which point you basically do a job from Blades, improvised on the spot.

The PDF does explain all the mechanics you need to know, so you don't need a copy of Blades to play Wind, but the explanation is towards the back and I found myself rereading the first half of the PDF a couple of times to see if I had missed it.

Overall, Wind confused me for a bit, but that's only because I went into it not knowing what to expect. Go in expecting GMless two-player Blades In The Dark about attacking a watchtower, and you'll do fine.

Also go in expecting gorgeous art and layout.

I really can't overstate that. Everything in Wind looks really lovely.