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i played through this just now and it's brilliant! i love the story and the overall vibe of the game: the eerie music, the dreadful atmosphere, and the mysterious background all contribute to the creepiness of the game.  aside from that, i love how the story isn't all its made out to be! i love how you explore more and more of it with each floor, with each memory, and the 2 main endings were brilliantly done. i admit i cried a little at the second ending because the message was just so. good.

plus, the voice being all a mystery is one of the highlights of the game for me. who are you talking to? is it your friend? an enemy? yourself?  anyway, sorry for gushing, but i loved it so much! i think you did well making it a horror and mixing up other element in it as well!

aww, thanks! It means a lot that the 2nd ending had such an impact! Glad you enjoyed it.