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the idea of the character, came gradually to me, it was not a "click" in my mind and the character was born.

for the font i guess you are kind of correct, it needed to look better, and maybe stay on the screen for a while longer. and for the "getting attacked stun" i'll definitely look into it with more testing :)

they are born at the beginning of the level and then do almost nothing till player is close to them, the first few seconds have nearly nothing done by the player. so because of that, you dont see a lag spike or anything like that.

and for the enemies, its true there are many, but, i made sure through their scripts that, they do nothing much, till the player gets close. so it doesnt effect the performance at all. (of course, what i did in here, would have failed miserably if the enemies, were doing a lot of things all the time, but they simply do nearly nothing till you get close, so it was like having few images thrown into the screen).

and im glad you enjoyed it :)