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So time to generate some scenery. Basically I want the scene to be in a looping traveling state as a opposed to fixed objects in the scene. one would think to just use a viewport and maybe have 2D cutouts vs having a bunch of 3D objects spawn really far and have the camera draw all of that, but that is much too smart and I prefer to do it the RAW way. Spawn objects and delete them once they've traveled a certain distance (so slowing or speeding the train doesn't delete them).

Obviously the poles are good being 3D because they actually cast shadows, I can see a large potential with more complex stuff like bridges with lots of angular geometry all over the place creating nice shapes along the floor.

Even for far stuff though the perspective changes ever so slightly noticeable. Some buildings are spawned in-front of each other, you can notice their sides recede as they go towards the middle. The mountains though are harder to notice as they're pyramids, maybe I should rotate them a little in place. I do like the symmetry of them though, makes it feel stylized.

With the camera's fov at 20 it's hard to get a clear idea of how far these things actually are though. Which is good for my purposes. Also the sun is just a child node under the camera, cause I'm lazy. 

Now for the most important thing of all: sitting

Started by making a simple state machine in which the player goes into an animation after triggering a seat-able area. One problem is that the handle rings aren't in the way of the player. For complicated reasons the player is actually hovering in the air (the animation causes her boots to dip in the ground slightly + it's a physical 3D card tilted at the camera).


The trick? Just make the sprite move backwards and grow larger, you hardly notice anything weird going on. Notice though that the animation is separate from the actual player collision box, that became important for various reasons.

After sitting down and pressing forward you can zoom the camera a bit to see more of the view. Starting to look really close to the cover sans a few things. Not that it was the goal but I guess it ends up that way.

I think I might actually have a gameplay idea for the game now that *checks watch* the deadline was extended. I plan to be wrapping the project pretty soon but we'll see how that goes. Stay tuned.