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Omg Abby, when you told me the name of the game, I didn't fully know what to expect in terms of gameplay, but this is amazing. Very satisfying to just continuously smash nuts. It has a peaceful feeling that not a lot of one button games do. It also feels great to see the visualization of all the nuts you've smashed just keep expanding.

An incredibly small nitpick that I have is that sometimes, while moving right to left, my hammer would move at around the same speed as the conveyor belt, which meant that I wasn't able to it anything for that short period of time. It's not a huge deal, but it was so satisfying to continuously smash nuts, that it did suck when I was taken out of that loop.

Still, that is such a tiny nitpick on an otherwise amazing game. Very cathartic to destroy the things that can kill me :) Great job!