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Holy cow, Arjun! This game's visuals are insane. I love everything about it--from the blood splatter, to the falling leaves, to the very ominous triangles, everything fits together so well and I think it really captures the aesthetic you were aiming for! 

I think the one thing I'll point out, though, is that I do wish there was a "speedup" or "skip" button for the results screen. During some of my playthroughs, I knew for a fact that I messed up and I wanted to try again right away, but I had to wait for all of the animations to happen first. Perhaps make the animations unskippable when the player gets a new high score? But have the option to skip open when the player gets a really bad score? I think it makes sense cuz I'd want to see my 60+ score in all its glory (with animations on) when I know I did well... but if I know I did bad, I wouldn't want to see my results as clearly LOL

But yeah that was pretty much it! The last thing I should mention is how good the sound design is as well. Every cut sounds EXTREMELY satisfying and the calm wind blowing in the title screen gets me in the proper meditative mood. Great job Arjun!