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I played through the demo and actually uploaded my gameplay to my channel. This was an absolute blast to play and I truly hope that you further expand upon this! The gameplay was incredibly fun, engaging, and, most importantly, smooth! To top it all off, the art and sounds were beautifully done! Keep up the great work, my friends! Thank you for this!

Hi there, thanks so much for playing! We're so glad you enjoyed and it, it's always super motivating to see people enthusiastic for more :)

We're working on a different prototype at the moment, so I'm not sure how much more we'll have in the immediate future, but we're all really excited to try some new stuff with this. I'd like to add a little more puzzling, and definitely an upgrade or crafting system, as well as more enemies and some more challenging combat mechanics. In the mean time, we'll squeeze in a small update sometime soon with a few fixes for issues we've found.

Again, thanks for playing!

Thank you for making this awesome little project, I was more than happy to play! I'll definitely have to check out that prototype, as well! If it is even half as entertaining as this one, I will love it! I hope to see more of your ideas with this fairly soon! It is such a unique concept that could readily be expanded upon! I can definitely see keep the crew alive getting increasingly more difficult. Keep up the great work, my friends!