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With These Phantom Hands is a gorgeous and intense short game where you play a ghost stuck on loop, its memories in pieces, haunting the same three people at various points in their own timelines.

It's three pages, with no illustrations but an excellent layout, and it's extremely well written and designed.

It hits hard.

Phantom isn't really a game about mechanical conflict. You encounter the same people over and over again until you think you've pieced together what happened to you, and then you take one final action and fade away. There isn't anything to mechanically stop you from succeeding, and it's on you to tell a solid story with the prompts.

If you're looking for an adventure game, Phantom isn't that, but if you like more narrative-focused stuff, and if you're willing to let a game hurt you, Phantom is a strong pick. It's really solid, and I definitely recommend getting a copy.