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Good afternoon, I admire your game, one of the best in its genre, I remember how I downloaded version 0.18 and passed it in one day in one go on android. A couple of months later, I remembered this wonderful game, downloaded version 0.25 and it just hangs after your AnduoGames log, which I just didn't try and compressed textures, optimized shaders through GLTools, but it's useless, in load screen 60+ fps, but the game is simple throws out .. I downloaded an old version from your patreon where there was still an old main menu and there the game feels good and works. I don't know what to do, I really want to play the new version, I don't have a computer at hand .. Maybe you can help somehow .. I don't know, try to insert the old game menu, please. (Android 5.1.1 GPU Snapdragon 210 CPU 4x1.2GHz)