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Space Goblins is a hectic, fun, spacepunk game about foraging for junk while you hurtle onwards towards utopia.

It's 10 pages with clean, readable layout, and while there aren't any interior illustrations, they seem to be planned for future implementation.

Mechanically, there are *lots* of tokens. Goblin HP is tokens. Spare scrap / ship HP is tokens. You may want a whole bucket of legos for that scrap, and people's quantities of tokens change pretty regularly. If you're someone who likes amassing and spending a small horde of stuff as you play, this is going to be super mechanically engaging for you.

Additionally, there's a very condensed structure to play, and the game moves you back and forth between exploring other people's ships / space objects and recuperating on your own ship pretty regularly. As a GM, you *really* don't have to worry about coming up with compelling hooks in Space Goblins, because the party just crashes into them repeatedly. It's a huge breath of fresh air, and it does a lot to support the fun, chaotic, pulp tone of the game.

And speaking of GMing, the GM role is designed to be flexible, and any person can GM a boarding action. The same person can GM the whole game, or the GM can rotate every time the party disembarks their ship. No one's forced to GM, there's no uncertainty over who's refereeing what, and anyone who's enthusiastic can take the helm for an adventure.

Overall, Space Goblins is a phenomenal pick-up-and-play game. If you like stuff that's short, fun, and pulpy, get this.

Minor Issues:

-On the game page, the community copies section references "Til The End Of The Night." Is it meant to reference Space Goblins?