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Solitaire is a collection of small, self-reflective games.

It's 17 pages, 6 games, no interior art, and ridiculously elegant, simple layout.

However, the games don't...necessarily feel like they were meant to be played. Rather, read and appreciated.

To put it another way, there's one that suggests you play it in traffic, and another that begins play when you are cut, and the writing for them is beautiful, but there aren't any guardrails (emotional or physical) and it's probably not a good idea to actually *play* a game that involves referencing a set of questions, paying attention to music, and thinking deeply while you are also operating a vehicle.

Overall, this reminded me a bit of Meguey Baker's "Playing Nature's Year." There's a similar ritual feel to the games, but the tone is less ceremonial and more about going on a personal journey.

If you like games that are extremely introspective, or that feel like poetry, or that work with mechanics you wouldn't expect (growing a plant, bleeding, swimming in a community pool,) you should absolutely pick up a copy of Solitaire.