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I have no idea how I stumbled upon this game, but I'm glad I did. I appreciate how it doesn't really have a goal and a player can just enjoy it the way they want. Having no guide, explanation or notification to the achievements makes them only a minor extrinsic factor and other than that it was my intrinsic choice to keep playing the game. It's a great escape from reality!

So far I pretty much understood everything quite well aside from one thing. What does the Star Tower do?
Also I'd like to know what your thoughts were behind the mushrooms?

I read through some comments here and would like to add some stuff:

  • Music would be nice yes and the last time I looked for a free music source for game projects and such I stumbled upon Kevin Macleod who from what I've heard has gotten quite the popularity ever since, so I dunno if his business model changed, but might be worth looking into if you didn't find a composer yet.
  • I never heard of the concept of Lintwians and of Nokoyama, so your game is the first contact for me and so far I can say you got me interested.
  • The Tutorial was more than sufficient in my opinion, but I'm also someone who clicks everything and experiments rather than following guides. I think I would have been fine with no tutorial at all.

I hope you keep updating the game, because I'm looking forward to seeing it evolve.