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Hello there, thank you for the comment and the support, it means a lot to me!

About the piano, I think the theme you are looking for is Sonatina in C minor, from Matthew Pablo (most themes in the novel are from him, incredible musician!). I'm pretty sure it's in the Music Room but anyways you can find it for free in his website:

The favorite character one is a haaaard one. I've spend a lot of time to develop the characters adding details and all so I love all of them, but if I had to give an answer because someone put a gun in my forehead... well I guess I could say Claire (really really close by Luce, maybe if you ask me tomorrow I tell you Luce). She's very particular and has a lot of deep into her. All her dialogues were pretty hard to pull off and have a lot of meaning. Most of her dialogues have several interpretations and ways of reading, and that makes the character incredible rich. It's the kind of character that forces me to question myself a lot of ideas and conceptions, and makes the author grow more than the character itself, imo.

About fixing mistales, sure! In fact I have already fixed a few since release since there's always seems to be typos hiding everywhere no matter how many people revise it. Feel free to send anything you find to me through here, twitter (@Keinart) or email at keinart(at)gmail(dot)com. Every little help is appreciated!

Thank you again for your comment!