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Savage Blood is, appropriately for a thing inspired by The Nightingale, violent and emotionally intense.

It's an 8 page, multiplayer, tarot-based rpg about members of two different oppressed groups taking revenge.

It explains how to interpret tarot cards in its intro, which is a nice touch, but it tackles extremely heavy themes by design, including genocide and intense racial violence, and also potentially sexual violence. The PCs' victory also plausibly includes doing every horrible thing the oppressor culture did to them back to a select group of humans from that culture, so there is a very strong potential for the game to get grisly.

With that in mind, the game is mostly storytelling based on prompts from the pdf and the tarot deck, so you have some control over where it goes, but the pdf does a lot to shape the narrative and keep it headed in a very specific direction. You're meant to reproduce The Nightengale, albeit in a fantasy world of orcs and drow.

I don't know that this is a game I would run or play, but if you have a few friends who like being uncomfortable and you have really good safety mechanics on deck and you want a visceral experience, I think this is worth checking out.