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Our Lady is a 20 page storytelling rpg for three players where you play as people who were visited by a divine presence, which will return again in a year.

It's played using a deck of cards (which makes up the majority of the 20 pages) containing the game's prompts and rules. Gameplay consists of answering the prompts, and then elaborating on them---spinning out a story with occasional slight nudges from the game.

Our Lady does not hand you a fully formed story in the cards, and it really wants you to do the legwork yourself. You set up the circumstances, you define the characters, and you also have a lot of control over how you interpret the questions on the cards. This gives you a bunch of creative freedom, but may be tricky if you're not comfortable with games being this open-ended.

Overall, I would strongly recommend this to anyone who likes personal, reflective stories about human contact with the divine, and also anyone who likes storytelling games where the emphasis is much more heavily on the storytelling than on following the mechanical structure of the game.