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Our Love Can't Save The World is a two-player, 8 page where you choose between saving the world and saving your failed relationship. The relationship can be any interpersonal bond, it doesn't have to be romantic (although it felt like romantic was the original intent.) Furthermore, it is possible to save both your relationship and the world---or neither. It depends on how you play, and also significantly on luck.

You play with a deck of cards, and the game is mechanical (your partner tries to play cards worth more than yours in order for you to both succeed the round,) but it also feels genuinely urgent.

Because of its themes, Our Love has two layers of safety mechanics. They aren't intrusive, and they cover both reactive (x-card) and predictive (lines and veils) approaches to safety.

I think I would recommend this most to people who like intense, tragic, slow-burn, character-focused stories. It's mechanically sound, but it puts a pressure on the players that reminds me of The Wretched---or possibly stronger than that, because there's two of you and you can run with and amplify each other's prompts.

It may be better not to play unless you're confident you and your partner can tank the emotional crash at the end, but it's definitely worth grabbing a copy. It's a really cool game.