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Here Is My 2 Cents On Feedback.There Is Glitches That Don't Take Long To Find, The Controls And The First Couple Times I Pressed Space To Start And Then Moved To A And D I Think You Should Also Add A And D, At The Start I Didn't Like The Wall Of Text Because It Kinda Confuses Me And I Would Rather Play To Find Out Which Leads To Confusion, I Think You Could Fix This By Adding A Tutorial Of Sorts, But I Think Thats A Personal Problem, Also Sometimes The Ball Gets Glitched With The Collider. In Conclusion This Game Is Great For Its Purpose(A Fun Mobile Sort Of Game To Play For A Few Minutes) But Has Some Glitches And Quality Of Life Problems Which Is Expected From A Game Jam Game, Great Job Man!


Somehow it kills me that every word is capitalized, but good feedback :)

joystick controls where the platform goes to the rotation of the joystick will be great too