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My Welcomed Guest is an 8 page game, probably solo or one player/one GM, about trying to navigate your way out of faerie.

The game is played as a series of structured questions, and almost has a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure vibe to it. There's only one tracked stat, Taboo, which you accumulate as you make choices that do not fit the expected standard of behavior for a mortal travelling in faerie.

Success isn't guaranteed, and the game ultimately comes down to a dice roll, but it's a solid immersive experience, and both short and fun.

If you have time to kill before a game with a friend, or if you want to play a narrative-focused branching path game, I would strongly recommend giving My Welcomed Guest a shot.

Minor Issues:

-Page 8, 7+, "lead" should be "would have led"

Thank you so much!
I'm happy you enjoyed it.

Also thanks for the editing note... I should probably fix it, if for no other reason anyone else who comes here after your wonderful words will have a better version.