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sorry I didn't respond to this sooner! lots happening lately, oops.

I'm glad you enjoyed is so much, and that you got a lot of out multiple runs! it's not obvious unless you're trying to fill the gallery, but the 'true' ending actually has two completely different versions from the point that Astor arrives at the shop, depending whether you've been mean to Alas or not -- so there might even be a little more variation you haven't seen. When I was writing I tried to make sure there was some satisfying nuance to how the relationship dynamics work and what the different gestures mean long-term, and that (aside from doing all the background art when I'm didn't have any art training) took the bulk of dev time to implement, so it's nice knowing those details are noticeable.

(yes! I wrote and lead on both; CataPri is a comedy because I spent three years on IN and really wanted to write some jokes after how serious it was, ahaha)