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Hello! I really enjoyed the short story that is the 1st act I suppose (??).

Anyway I just wanted to ask if you would carry on with the story since the ending was SO intriguing!! I have so many questions which I hope won't be left hanging! The art was marvelous as well, the quality, the colours and style....!!  And the teachers are SO dreamy!! So yeah I really hope you guys will keep up the amazing work! I'm sure you're still working on the spelling part since I've seen the game updates but anyway, sending my cheers and encouraging to carry on!<3v<3v<3

Hello! Thank you for your interest and for playing Forbidden ! We're happy you liked it ! Your feed back means a lot to us ! 

For now the project is on Hiatus since the writer is taking a break , but we'd like to continue it ! 
Thank you so much for appreciating the art and the visuals, we're pleased to know that the characters spoke to your heart at well ! 

Thank you so much for your support! ;)