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94 Kills, 10 max streak :D
ive only played like 1-2 of these type games sofar and didnt like them as much. But this one is nice cause it has also the strategical elements. sometimes u will let an enemy passthrough to take the powerup fast enough..
But can be more challenging as a non native english speaker i guess, a more readable font could have helped.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! My personal high score is 155, but obviously I've played it quite a lot! 94 is very very good! You're quite correct that it's often better to take a power up. If I can get a coin with one word but it would take two words to kill an enemy, I might as well take the coin and have time left over. Swords are of course priority #1 since they're the only way to clear a screen at the height of a wave.

We're working on the font and should have an update out after the jam is complete to address it; thank you for the input!