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@Norbez Thanks for the feedback. I'll admit I'm not the best artist, which is partly why I chose to only draw a couple of scenes. I also just wanted to focus on a few things I thought were key to the story, and also reflective of the narrator's actions and mental state. It's also the reason why those choices always lead back to the same outcome, although I didn't get to address the psychology of the narrator as much as I'd initially hoped to. But I understand how thinking you have a choice to do something else when you inevitably don't could be frustrating.

I had been planning on having the heart beat present throughout the entire game, changing tempo at the appropriate moments, but I didn't manage to have that sorted in time. Changed my game engine a few days before the end of the jam which threw things up in the air a bit, but it has definitely taught me to work on planning and design more thoroughly in future!