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Hi clyde, sorry to hear that.

It's puzzling - I haven't updated those files since initial upload. Just downloaded again myself and it worked ok for me using Internet Explorer and 7-Zip. For reference the SHA-1 of '' is a1fe8eb168cb34b52fcd9b5e4c017ef335edbe62
(You can check it with something like HashCheck if you don't have software for doing this)

I've uploaded to dropbox (twice!) in case that'll work better for you - one is the original, the other I re-zipped in case something was wrong with the original zip file. Try these:
CCK Windows
CCK Windows rezipped
The re-zipped file's SHA-1 is f18d06eff2e2cd2fe989b59f0086c2fb61fe51b4 and the original file is the same as the one uploaded here.