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The two aspects of the game that still need a lot of work at the moment are the interface and the fact that the card game and the dialogue system don't complement each other as far as the gameplay is concerned.

The UI contains a lot of visual noise at the moment, so by removing ui elements until they are required, the player can more easily see what they should interact with. An example of this are the text bubbles on the left hand side. They are now only displayed after you have asked your first question and they begin to fill with dialogue.

To further simplify the UI I have changed the text displayed on the players cards. Whereas they used to display the first three words of that question, I.e "where were you…" they now simply say "Question 1" or 2,3 etc. The important thing is that one can still differentiate them. But the text no longer grabs your attention when the most important part of the cards UI are the arrows showing their movement options.

The game can be played and beaten without reading any of the dialogue on the left hand side of the screen at the moment and I want to circumvent this by giving the player hints as to who has the answer to that question. So by successfully bringing a card to the top row against the ringmaster, he might then say, "I don't know, but you should ask the magician". This information will then also be stored on the card itself. The text on it now says:
" Question 2
-Ask the magician ".

This will reward players who take the time to read the dialogue and make the process of deciding which person to interrogate next less random.

And this is a page from the intro comic at the beginning of the game