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You picked the perfect current scare to use!

I tried it out myself first, but I'm terrible with jump scares, so I had to bring someone else to make it past the first night. 

So I have my notes, and theirs as well for you. 

Theirs: "A lot of games that follow the FNAF mechanics doesn't  usually get attacked in the first day, this is the first one I played that you can actually be attacked. This is usually so the first level could be a tutorial level.

I liked the fact they gave the player a reason why they can't have more power,  them being so far underground.

The sounds for the red guy was excellent, you knew when he was coming and how long he was there.  (It would scare us both.)

Subtitles would be nice.

I like the ambiance noise.

Hitting ESC exits out of the game. Usually used as a pause." 

The details for the art for the cameras was great, there was a bit of immersion break when you saw the 2D art in the cameras but came back to the 3D office. 

The music and sound started very strongly for us both, I'm not sure if that's on your end or if we both just usually  have high volume on anyway. The ongoing noise for the lights on was a bit grating for me personally.

I'm impressed that you were able to figure out and use the camera mechanic. It worked perfectly, and I noticed no bugs for it. 

The voice actor was a natural for the phone, it felt like someone  actually just leaving a message. And the mixed emotions you hear through the voice, was great!

Honestly through the five nights we got through, I didn't notice any game breaking bugs. That's excellent work, especially considering the time frame!

Our main suggestion would be some hints on the enemies. You gave a great one for red, I would like to see something like that for the guy on the first night. It took us a few tries to learn that we had to see him in the light first before we could close the door.  

The last guy was very clever, we figured out how to use the glow to our advantage.  (Though the others got us when we focused too much.) We started taking notes of the patterns and aggression of each one. 

It was awesome to see you take a mechanic and make it into your own style! Great job!