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Hey team! Congratulations on the game!

First of all, I never would have considered a open wound concept for a game, but it was a amazing idea. I actually used the blood in the darkness to mark spots I've been so I can keep my bearing.  And, that it's always on the back of your mind that you have to keep a look out for. It can be a hindrance, but strangely helpful too. Reminded me a lot of Ico with the concept. You always have to keep one button down. 

Two of the biggest suggestions I have is a pause menu and blocking the player from going too far backwards. I know the pause menu doesn't seem like a big deal with the time frame of the game, but since your character will bleed out if you don't have the button down, then I highly suggest it.

I actually walked backwards for 15 minutes because I wanted to see where the kid went, and when I realized I could continue walking back, I triggered the title again and figured there might be a Easter egg or something. I couldn't find anything, so I assume it wasn't purposeful.  I would suggest a invisible barrier, to keep players on track. 

I loved the art, and the whole atmosphere. Once again, the open wound concept was very unique, and I felt actually worked better with the fog and darkness.  I did feel kind of strong-armed into the second choice, but it does push the idea that you don't have much time to think of other ways to solve a problem when you are about to die, and you have to choose your life or theirs. Gave me some thoughts to ponder, which is the essence of story-telling.

Excellent work guys! I look forward to seeing how you guys continue this game.