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Thank you for your very kind comment! We appreciate you very much, maybe someday we'll get together again for a project. In the meantime feel free to follow our individual progress too :) 

Thank all of you for making this! Where exactly do I look for your individual projects? I'll have to check them out!

I can tell you where to find mine atleast:

Or @PXLRN on Twitter

Currently working on a couple mobile games, one of which is a huge revamp of a previous work I called Slice Knight. It's on the website, I'm making a huge update with new chars, skins and tweaks to a bunch of game mechanics. 

// Connor Thorpe - Game Designer and producer :) 


I just looked into Slice Knight, it actually looks quite fun. I hope it all goes well! Any ideas on time frames? Also, congratulations on getting here!

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Hey again, sorry for the late reply. It's looking like it will release within the next month :)

-Connor Thorpe


There's no need to apologize, my friend! Thank you for your response! I wish you a smooth launch, my friend!

Thank you so much!


Of course, my friend! There's no need to thank me, I want to see your success.