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Could we get the ability to reset our progress overall so we can go back and play again (without needing to keep track of where we left off)?

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That is a great idea to add in a patch upgrade. In the meantime there is a manual way.

Warning - clearing all LocalStorage will clear other game save states. These instructions show how to clear only the "playerState" variable Riko uses to store a save.

1. Ctrl+Shift+I to open developer console. Or right click on the page and select inspect.

2. Select Application tab on Chrome, or Storage on Firefox.

3. Click the "Run Game" button to load Riko.

4. Under "Local Storage" there should be a (Where stores all browser saves). There will be other game saves here so don't clear it all. Select it.

5. Find the Key "playerState". It might have something like ["Overworld_pre"] in it. Right click the key "playerState" and delete it.

6. Refresh page. State should be gone.