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I absolutely love what's done so far! I think I played for a good two weeks straight just to finish all that was available for the demo. to be completely honest, I probably missed a few things but I finished off what's available for all the story lines so I can rest now haha-

I absolutely love the art. I got a really good taste for the world within the first few minutes and really enjoyed the long hours I spent and lack of sleep I got playing this game. I really did find myself craving for more. I didn't expect the story to genuinely be so engaging for me. 

Fantastic job and I can't wait for the full release.


My experience feels about the same!~ I am still working on getting everything done, but this is only my first day playing, and I love it to no end! Not to mention all the scenes are crafted so beautifully, and so erotically... Many, many nights can be spent masturbating to this alone.