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An original take on the theme ! It has a really nice ambiance thanks to audio and visuals !

Even though I just had space to press it took me some time to master and I played it for several minutes trying to defeat all the knights.

Too bad that you get far above the 3 hours ! :P

We did a version after 3 hours each of work but I didn't feel it was good enough to upload, so I kept working on it :/ I admire the other developers who managed to make it in 3hours! Draelent actually did all his part in 3hours honestly

We took into account your feedback and we reworked the game with these update:

Progress is not lost when defeated jousting.
Progression speeded up.
Stats and Items explained in-game.
Exp and gold obtained shown in menu and Victory/Defeat panel.
Royal Knight is the strongest.
Fixed horse running sound clitch.

We are happy to hear any feedback on the current version, thanks!