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Normally Runey does answer most people but Runey is only human and hasn’t answered anybody in about two months most likely because Runey is probably busy. The game is updated almost every 3-4 months with the most recent update being in June. All characters will eventually get their content as Runey has said the game is pretty early in development and has a long way to go. However the elves may gain more content in the future it won’t be as much as someone like Lin or Ashley who are main girls. Also marriage and pregnancy will be the two very last things added into the game right before it is finished which at this time Runey has no idea when the game will be finished. Also it is noted that all of the main girls will be able to get pregnant and married in the same play through of the game although side characters have not had much mention of pregnancy or marriage but never rule anything out. Hope I helped and answered all your questions.