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What a brilliant game!! A little confusing at first, but once I got the gist of what was going it was fun being a lil Sherlock looking for clues and solving a murder.

I'm left with a number of questions, though, like what exactly is the deal with the family and 'H', why can I not find a Doctor, and why won't the game allow me to "blink" ;) 

Will definitely have to play it again!


  Thanks for playing and dropping me a note, it's much appreciated!

Well, the one thing I'll tell you is that each time you play, the game sets up a series of probabilities.  Basically, the family are disliked/hated and four or five people have a reason to commit the murder.   The question really is, who takes the shot first.    Like the play "An Inspector Calls", you only really get the whole picture by playing through every one of the plotlines, but you can usually figure it out by playing through one or two.

I can let you play the game again, and see if you get a different facet to the story, OR, I can just tell you...  Let me know which you'd prefer :)