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Incredible game. I missed the Kickstarter, sadly, but will be purchasing it day 1. It will be a painful 2 year wait for sure (haha). While this may not be for everyone due to it's puzzle-style gameplay, I absolutely love sokoban (block pushing) mechanics. The puzzles are beautifully designed, and the game isn't just pure sokoban like Chip's Challenge or Eggerland (Lolo). It actually adds a lot of interesting elements to the genre, like solving puzzles in any order you wish in an interconnected world, and getting stumped on puzzles at first, only to realize that you need to interact with something in another puzzle to further open up the game world. It's genius. The music is beautiful and unique, and really sets the tone for the adventure. Our main character has a great design, and the world he inhabits is mystical and memorable, with wonderful 'Link's Awakening' -style pixel art and secrets galore.  My only complaint would be that the music restarts every time you restart a puzzle. I wish it would keep going, as otherwise it break the mood, and thus the player's immersion. Just a small nitpick.

The fact that one person is making this (well, besides the music, and they also have a QA tester from what I understand) makes it all the more impressive. It took me about 3 hours to 100% the demo, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Like a rabid animal, I eagerly anticipate my next taste of this game ;)

TL;DR - This is the best sokoban-style game I have ever played. Please download it. Now.

Thanks so much! I'm very happy you enjoyed it so much. It's awesome to read reviews like this from people who really click with the game!