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Heaven Nor Hell is a three page, two player rpg with solid layout and a potent (usually romantic) premise: you are two supernatural creatures that the powers that be will try, and fail, to keep apart.

Basically, if you liked the TV adaptation of Good Omens, there's already something for you here.

Beyond that, the mechanics are extremely simple. You frame scenes on your own, sometimes rolling a d10 for a prompt, and you make all significant decisions by yourselves.

The game's hook and internal tension are already baked in, so you don't have to work to challenge and support your characters' relationship. You can just support it, while occasionally referencing that god and the devil don't want the two of you to kiss.

Incidentally, while Heaven Nor Hell introduces itself as a two-player game, there's nothing mechanically preventing it from having more players. You may want to make up other planes for additional players to be from, but the story still works if two people are from hell and one from heaven, vice versa, or any other combination with other numbers.

By a similar token, the game works for nearly any relationship, and it's just as playable with the "you love each other" bit removed---as long as the other emotion is also strong.

Overall, this is a really solid idea executed effortlessly. It's easy to set up and play, and it doesn't take a lot of energy to run. If you like romantic games (or games about friendship,) I would absolutely recommend giving this a shot.


Wow, thank you for such an in-depth review! I'm really glad to hear that it works for other relationships (I kept "love" to be fairly open whether it meant romantic/platonic/whatever else), and it's super cool to hear it also works for more players too