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This is a heck of a thing.

Have I Been Good? is a two-player one-day larp.

Also one of those players is a dog.

It's only four pages, but it's extremely worth your time.

Concept-wise, Have I Been Good? riffs off a number of memes and idle thoughts about dogs---that they see humans as these ageless creatures, that time runs differently for dogs, that their existential questions orbit around what humans think of them---and pulls all these elements together into a fully cohesive whole.

Gameplay-wise, Have I Been Good? shines. You play by hanging out with and interacting with your dog, and also by reflecting on that.

Some of the gameplay steps feel a little strangely paced (you write letters at a couple of points, and this sort of disconnects you from actually interacting with your dog,) but overall you're going on walks and making good food and just generally spending time with a creature in your life that the pressures of the human world might otherwise incentivize you to pay less attention to.

It's really solid.

This might be the weirdest bit of feedback I've ever written for a game, but the only critique I can think of is that Have I Been Good? might benefit from a quick blurb about "here's how to recognize / omit steps your dog doesn't want to do." There is some guidance in the text that you should use your best judgement, but I found myself wishing it was a bit more centralized.

Also, for folks without dogs, this game feels pretty mod-able if you want to use it to hang out with other pets. You'll likely have to calibrate it based on how much the pet wants to hang out with people, but I could see it working for a cat, fox, or ferret pretty easily. For something like a bearded dragon, tarantula, or fish, you might have to redo a lot more of the structure.

Overall, I'd strongly recommend this to anyone with a dog, and who can spare a day (or even a part of a few days.) It's got a neat structure and a great concept, and it's well worth checking out.