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This is by far the best locomotion for VR. I really would love to use it in the game I'm making. I know you have mentioned porting this to unity. How far away are we from seeing that? I have already started to try and mimic this in Unity but if you are close to releasing it then it would save me time. Seriously though we need this system in games yesterday!

Thanks Mikekan13. At this time, it's still a while a way to be honest - various issues (including business development) has taken my focus away from plugin development. It's quite probable that I'll be detouring from plugin development to making a game out of it first, so that I can fully understand the sort of issues that one would face in a real development situation - ultimately making for a cleaner, more robust plugin when it's released.

At this time, the VRTK is still a great go to for Unity VR developers, and it features an in-place locomotion solution as well (albeit with a different feel to the one in Freedom Locomotion) - which should serve as a good base to experiment upon! Good luck!

Yep I'm actually using VRTK as the base. Thanks and good luck with your endeavors. Let's make VR awesome!