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Uneasy Lies The Head is a GMless trpg that is, despite the format, fairly competitive and significantly crunchy.

It's also somewhat close to a LARP in some respects---in that it's partly a social game with hidden agendas, and that you're cooperating and competing against the other players without ever being truly certain what their objectives are.

Uneasy can be a little tricky to decipher when you're just starting your read-through, as it introduces ideas without immediately explaining what they're for. It also has some oddness to its balance, where turn order is determined by tokens pulled out of a bag, and you might simply not get a turn if the End Of Round token is pulled before any of yours are.

On the flipside, there's an actual character class for being late to the game / having to leave early, and that's a really cool add that allows people to get in on the competitive aspect of the game without needing to make a large time commitment.

Gameplay itself revolves around votes, which are guided by some really crunchy mechanics around setting difficulty and rolling dice, but which ultimately translate to "the more people who speak out against you, the more likely your action is to fail."

The setting of the game is customizeable, but works for basically any group where the long-standing power structure has suddenly become vacant. Several possible settings are provided with the game, and all of them are seriously flavorful. They range from Bloodborne to Junji Ito to the French Revolution to age of sail piracy.

Overall, I think this is a really strong choice for groups that like hidden information, social competition, and storytelling that doesn't sacrifice the feeling of challenge that comes from trying to master a game. Uneasy is pretty versatile, and can be adapted to both different settings and different gameplay styles, and is probably a solid impulse-buy for folks who like Fantasy Flight's Battlestar Galactic board game, or voting games like werewolf.

Minor Issues:

-Page 4, Player Token, 3., "and it can inc The". There's a sentence fragment here

-Page 8, Spread a rumor/Dictate a sermon, these don't seem to do anything mechanically, which seems a little weird given everything else having mechanical applications.

-Page 8, Projects, "fill in the next step of each project clock with a token next to it". Each clock with token next to it, or each step with a token next to it?

-Character playbooks are split in half in the "bigger fix" version of the game, and this makes them a little difficult to read and navigate without printing them and taping them together.