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for me the best thing about dollhouses games is little characters that can interact in it like gacha club or toca boca but ive always wanted to be able to interact more with furniture in the rooms too. I do have a real (super old) large wooden barbie house but i lost all the furniture and clothes (still dont know how i lost a giant deep pink case for doll clothes when nothing else i ever get is pink) and buying furniture and an outfit or two usialy takes all of my alowance! i love the art and rearanging furniture or looking at/working on art helps with the anxiaty from autisum and the pastels and light colors are realy relaxing!

edit: sorry for rambleing! i tend to go on and on when im exited about somthing! what i meant to say is your game is great <3

That's a shame about losing the barbie furniture and clothes! I hope they magically turn up one day :) please don't apologise, your comment is lovely! thank you so much for the kind words and for playing <3

Your welcome! i moved a bit after i lost it so its probably gone but im trying to get more stuff