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I think they're dead again :/ I'll give it another month *sigh*


Hi there!

This is Rins, one of the artists for Spirit Parade. Thank you so much for supporting us and having patience with us. I wanted to let you know that the project is most certainly not dead. We are working on hammering out details on a hard release date with deadlines on when to finish what. Since we all have full-time jobs, we want to have a reasonable amount of time to work so we can produce the best quality for Spirit Parade. This project is very dear to us and we're very happy that everyone is excited about it. If you feel the wait is too long, we can definitely offer you a refund. 

Thank you again for your continued support. Please look forward to our updates!

I'm very happy you replied to me ;A; Thank you! I will wait for the game because it has such a good premise and great art that I am rooting for it's completion. My comment came from concern and a bit of frustration, because ever since Audilis abruptly cancelled "Love is a Game" after months of no communication, I just wanted to reach out to the devs I have been following for any updates, even simple ones such as delays. Precatio's "Kokorogawari" and Aeon Dream's "Mystic Destinies" were also having similar communication problems with just posting updates about their delays that I ended up commenting in that manner. I apologize for that and am patiently waiting for the updates.