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im playing the game and im in the after having the cat and ate the fruit/cake, i dont know what do anymore, i spoke with everyone and i cant go back to the stores, i can move the wardrobe, a box and smth like a christimas tree, but i dont know what to do with them D: plus i tried to give the tree to one of the girls and now i cant get it push it, same with the box but in another place, now i just have the closet to move :'D any advice lol?

edit: is the game finished? i think it might be it, anyways i sure hope the game auto-saves bc i rlly dont want to pass thru the labyrinth again


you have to organise the boxes in height order - if you read the delivery man's dialogue he tells you how to push and pull the boxes so they don't get stuck - and im afraid the game doesn't autosave but that box puzzle is only about halfway through the game.