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This is a wonderful little game! I must say, I am quite looking forward to seeing more with this guy - as has been mentioned, the dragon is entirely adorable, and I think all of the little minigames so far are fun and intuitive! This is definitely one that someone can get lost in for a good while, even in its current beta state!

Thanks so much for sharing! 

- Ember


Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed my short iffy demo!
I've recently got a Gear VR headset, so I'm trying to rev the creative gears of motivation again.

I want to make another little thing with this dragon, maybe some VR (and non VR for those who don't have it) dragon petting and feeding, something really chill and cute, and probably with lewd options as well!  and definitely with more polish than this time limited demo had!


I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with! You do great work, judging by this little gem here, so I'm sure something with more polish will only be all the more delightful! Especially with adorable dragons and dragon tending, I will say that does help add to the excitement. 

Keep up the great work as you can! 


Thanks for the encouraging words!  It may be a while, but I'm certainly going to have something more to post in the future.