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Your multi stream splitters are bugged and they dont like splitting into more than 1 direction. They also dont like cooperating with other multi splitters. terrific little game otherwise

hey glad you're enjoying it. The splitters only split into one direction. You can put as many of them next to each other as you want but they have to be parallel and right next to each other. That's just how they work.

i mean the more expensive yellow splitters they dont like splitting into more than 1 direction and they dont cooperate with each other in they way you have them shown in the manual, under multi splitter

never mind i dont know but they were bugged last night and today they are behaving dont know why they bugged out but it must be very specific conditions.

That's bad. I hate bugs like that. If I can't reproduce it I can't fix it so let me know if you manage to reproduce the issue. Thanks for letting me know.