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Yeah, the (64bit) version wouldnt even fire up at all.... the 32bit version gets the antivirus problem, I try to whitelist it and then I get out of memory problem or something to that nature....

Im running Win 10 Home Premium, up to date. MSI FX990 gaming series MoBo. AMD FX6300 black box edition (6-core), AMD R9 380X 4GB, Corsair DDR3 1866 (16GB), Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200rpm HDD. All up to date on drivers. Up to date on all librarys for C++, etc.

Im going to try and move the folder to the C:\ drive as another poster suggested, I dont see how thats going to do anything but Ill give it a shot.

Ill check my email as a last ditch thing, I really dont want to play a older verison of the game as features or even content maybe missing. But I will keep it in mind if I cant get this to work somehow....If I do, Ill post what I did to get it to go....thanks.

PS: I work graveyard shift, 10 hours mon-thurs, off friday, sat and sun....Im only available between the hours of Noon to 2pm and form 3AM to 4AM EST....